Noho Mai

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'An absolutely stunning film. The finely wrought dance of words, visuals, music, pace and the dreamlike cadences of the Māori language. Noho Mai delivered everything I look for in a poetry film. A moving, beautiful poem and universal, timeless core of meaning which speaks also to our particularly detached and disconnected times.'

Paul Casey, Ó Bhéal Poetry-Film Competition, Best Poetry Film

Mum Asks Me to Write Her a Poem About the Sky

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'Charles Olsen’s film lyrically imagined the Christine Jones poem and extended its meaning into something new and wonderful. His sound design in particular gave greater depth and dimension to her poem and allowed us to imagine the narrator’s place in space.'

Filmetry Festival, Michigan, 3rd place award


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'I love the simplicity of [Vertigo]. As well as a straightforward use of just one visual sequence, the sound moves from very busy to entirely silent. It's so marvellously succinct.'

Steve Smart, Poetry Film Workshop for Scottish Poetry Library


'From a game this artistic duo call 'Palabras prestadas' (Given Words), they asked participants to each write a poem including four words inspired by the exhibition of the Biennale: woman, dis-capacity (proposed by one of the participants), tongue and body. Afterwards they read out the poems and together chose one to work with to create the poetry film.

Article by Lucía G. Calderón in Arte y Cultura | Fundación ONCE

The Afternoon

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The Exhibition

'An irreverent take on the art world. A poetic hybrid combining essay, documentary, journalism, and video art.'

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Jury Special Mention, FilmArte Festival, Madrid 2023

Frozen Cry

'Frozen Cry is a tear of freezing water that overflows'

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Top Ten Finalists, JÁ Festival, Lisbon 2023
Honourable Mention, Cadence Video Poetry Festival, Seattle 2022

Grey Silence

'This silence doesn't let me hear the music.'

Collaborative poetry film made during the poetry club Lilián Pallares and Charles Olsen ran during their fellowship at Our Little Roses, San Pedro Sula, Honduras, 2022.

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Poetry Film

In an interview on Upbeat, RNZ in 2017 when he was awarded the XIII distinction Poetas de Otros Mundos (‘Poets From Other Worlds’) by the Fondo Poético Internacional (‘International Poetry Fund’) for his poetry, Charles spoke about how poetry film allows him to weave together all the threads of his work — art, poetry, photography and music.

Charles works together with Lilián Pallares with their audiovisual production company antenablue – the observed word. They have been judges of the Aotearoa Poetry Film Festival in Wellington, New Zealand and he was a judge of the ekphrastic poetry film competition Frame to Frames: Your Eyes Follow. Charles contributed two essays to The Poetics of Poetry Film (Ed. Sarah Tremlett, Intellect Books, 2021)


How to film a poem, Readingroom

Poetry and Film in Colombia, The London Magazine

La videopoesía se abre paso con nuevas sensibilidades en Colombia, WMagazín


For a list of over 50 audiovisual works by Charles see Curriculum Vitae