New Zealand series II, 1992, oil on cotton, 71 x 71cm

untitled abstract, 1992, oil on cotton, 101.5 x 71cm, Private Collection

untitled, 1992, oil on canvas, 71 x 71 cm

Studio view, Quicksilver Place, Wood Green, 1992

Sketchbook, 1992

Studio view, The Chocolate Factory, Wood Green, 1993

Untitled (water), 1993, oil on linen, 84 x 128 cm

The bull 1993, oil on canvas, 143 x 143 cm, Private Collection

untitled (cityscape), 1993, oil on cotton, 143 x 143 cm, Private Collection

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Silent places


Studio spaces and paintings during Charles's BA (Hons) in Fine Art at Middlesex University, London.

Alongside painting Charles was studying flamenco guitar, accompanying flamenco dance classes, and made his first visit to Córdoba, Spain, in 1992, to study flamenco guitar with Paco Peña. His painting 'The bull' (1993, Private Collection) reveals the Spanish influence on his work.

'Although I was working intuitively on this large canvas adding layers of earthy colours it was only when I made the decision to mix a number of colours creating this brown-black which I brushed rapidly onto the canvas which lay on the floor an lift one side to let the paint run down the canvas that I saw this bull-like figure appear. I added more paint to the right to create the body but apart from that the figure is as I found it. Even a piece of hair had fallen into the paint suggesting an eye.'

'Ten years later when I came to Madrid and visited the Reina Sofía Museum I was very struck by the similarities with Robert Motherwell´s
Totemic Figure from 1958.'